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When I eventually get through Immigration

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I awake to the landing of the plane, was quite a nice flight and it doesnt feel like Im in a different country (they are pretty much the same arnt they?!?!)? The view coming down was good and you copuld see Torontos skyscapers in the distance.

I make my way through the airport and through to passport control. The woman seems really harsh and asks me where I have arrived from. Now remember I have just woken up, but my mind is blank! Then after what seems like a week, I remember Boston! I don't know if its standard procedure or because I forgot my flight details, but she sends me to immigration.

I'm not being racist, but everyone else in the queue is black, indian or cant speak English and I stand out like a sore thumb. Looking at the other people, they seem to be getting a hard time. There are monks dressed in orange, an indian family who seem to have taken a boy (who is american born) to india for x amount of years and the woman is saying "He is going to lose his status" and a girl who doesnt know her fathers date of birth and is being told "its not rocket science"! Should I really be in this queue? Fingers crossed!!!

Seems crossing my fingers wasnt enough and I get a hard time too! The woman I get is not going to take any shit (not that I am going to give any), but she wants to know about everything (who are you...why are you here...how long for...where are you staying...what are you going to do...where have you been...where are you going next...are you married...do you have children...who do you work for...for how long...where else have you been in the world...do you own property...shoe size (OK not that last one, but it was crazy and not very nice)) and I certainly feel like a criminal even if Im not! And I was told the Canadians would be friendly!!!

I eventually get the all important stamp and I am on my way. My luggage is waiting for me I have been that long and then I have to queue again to get out. I get some cash from the ATM and quite suprised to see queen Liz on the cash, don't know what I expected.


I head off to get the bus, it seems I have just missed one, the traffic is chaos and the previous one was 40 minutes late, so god knows when I will arrive. I have free wi-fi so use the time uploading pics. The bus costs $22 for 16 miles, I think this is expensive, but when I check out the exchange rate, its a bit better as Canaian dollars are worth less than American against the pound.

Everyone around me seems to be smoking, I dont know if I am in a smoking area, but its not very pleasant. Also everything is in French, I knew there were french speaking areas, but I didnt realise it was such a big thing! Although the French speaking also speak English, don't really understand the point!

The bus eventually arrives and is quite full. I sit next to this guy, who starts chatting to me, he is quite possibly one of the nicest guys ever. He lives in Toronto but is originally from Iran. He has just been to Spain and Vienna with some friends and we talk about travelling, my airport trauma is quickly forgotton.

We pass Hooters and I immediately think of Rich, I wonder why?!?!

When I get of the bus downtown, I can't find numbers on the buildings, but I eventually realise Im going the wrong way. I find my hotel only iits a jazz and blues bar and I cant find the check in desk, after walking around a couple of times, I go to the bar to find there isnt one and I check in there. I get my room key and head off to my room. The delays etc has meant I have lost a lot of the time today and I am pretty knackered aqnd my back is still sore. I decide to stay in and get some rest ready for a long day tomorrow.

I have free wi-fi, but can't remember what the password was, so dont bother.

The room and hotel are quite cheap and chearful. There are pictures of bands and singers on all the walls. It is opposite a condom shop and tattoo place, so god knows what the area is like, although it seems pretty central. I can also see the CN tower from my room which is pretty cool.


I can hear the bands on (as the stage is almost immeadiately under my room) until the early hours and its a main road so there is a lot of traffic noise too, still Imanage to get to sleep easily enough...

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