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From east to west 16.08.2010
The city with attitude 15.08.2010
Time for some R&R 15.08.2010
The mid point 14.08.2010
Man I need a holiday 14.08.2010
One strip pony 13.08.2010
In search of mounties 13.08.2010
North of the border 12.08.2010
Im going to Harvard law school 12.08.2010
Baked beans and tea 11.08.2010
Where it all began (almost) 11.08.2010
I stayed awake all night for this!?!?! 11.08.2010
Revisiting my fave spots again 10.08.2010
The city that never sleeps 10.08.2010
Fun in the sun 09.08.2010
By the way 09.08.2010
Things dont always go to plan 08.08.2010
Big philly style 08.08.2010
Not enough hours 08.08.2010
Wakey wakey 08.08.2010
Washington has worn me out 07.08.2010
Pit stop 07.08.2010
Je suis arrive 07.08.2010
The holiday seems to have started 06.08.2010
The BIG pack 25.07.2010